About me

Norbert Orisek

I am a photographer dedicated to photographing landscapes, nature and product photos.

I have always been interested in nature and traveling. I am still trying to capture countless interesting places and moments on my travels and photography is what helps with that. Someone would say that photography became easier with the arrival of digital cameras, but it didn't. In digital photography, you can capture 1000 pictures in a moment, but you are most lilkely to throw a lot of them away because they are useless. I went through this phase as well and I realized that without thinking and continuous learning one can't be a good photographer. My first big role model is an American wildlife photographer Michael Frye and his big role model Ansel Adams. Thanks to wise advices and experience of the photographers I took a big step forward in understanding and perception of the world around me and capturing it in a picture.

If some of my pictures caught your eye, if you needed help with something or if you just want to chat about photography, then please contact me.